This is that point where I try not to be self-deprecating and really hype myself up, isn’t it?

Me and my elco

Me and my elco


Stan Hall

I double-majored in Advertising and Electronic Media and Film at Northern Arizona University. Where I got heavily involved in radio, managing my college radio station as well as working weekends at the local NPR affiliate. My degree program introduced me to and taught me the skills of audio/video production and editing, as well as graphic design.

After graduation I moved to Phoenix to work for the NPR affiliate their. After a year in Phoenix, I felt I needed a change. I had been in Arizona long enough.

Through the magic of the internet I found a company that would hire me to work as a deckhand and engine room attendant in southeast Alaska for a summer.

After the season was up the boat left me off in Ballard with 10 grand in my pocket and everything I owned on my back. I have been in Seattle since 2014 and have set roots in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

My approach to creative
In high school I practiced debate and in college I TA’d for a class that taught rhetoric. This introduction early on to Socratic argument and rhetorical finesse has definitely paid off. Not a day goes by when I don’t use those fundamentals in my work. Whether it is a podcast episode, a short informational explainer video, or even a flyer. I ask myself what is the argument we’re making, and how are we making that argument through the lens of logos, ethos and pathos. Now trust me I know this sounds pretentious (my girlfriend insists to call me out on this every time I try to quote Socrates) but there is a lot of merit in using this method and I have found helps bring out the best in the project.

My Wheelhouse
My grandfather was someone I always looked up to as a kid, and though he was a mechanic by trade it seemed like he could do everything from carpentry to gardening. Though if he were alive today I know he’d have trouble understanding what I do for work, I still try to channel his approach in my design vocation today. My forte is audio production and editing, but I am skilled in video production, and graphic design as well.

The fun stuff
I was born into a musical family playing country music, and despite a deviation to garage rock in high school and college, I found my way back to bluegrass today playing banjo in the band Evergreen Shakers. I own a 1985 El Camino and a Harley Davidson, both are machines that are temperamental but with a little love are very rewarding to maintain.




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